Lebanon wants Safe Zones for Syrian Refugees

As reported by the Associated Press today, Lebanese President Michael Aoun states the international community should set up safe zones in Syria in coordination with the Syrian government. This is another win for US President Donald Trump who stated in November 2015 during a campaign stop in Tennessee that, “in Syria you take a big swatch (sic) of land, which believe me, you get for the right price…build a big beautiful safe zone…so people can live and they’ll be happier.” Syrian refugees, many who are men of military age, have been flooding into Europe since the armed conflict began causing financial stress on the European Union countries. Over a quarter million Syrians have died during the uprising.

Associated Press reporting is found here: https://www.apnews.com/2a3cf577755143e69cc8a086487adeed/Lebanon-backs-returning-Syrian-refugees-to-‘safe-zones’

November 2015 Trump Campaign video by Right Side Broadcasting Network: http://rsbn.tv/watch-donald-trump-full-speech-in-knoxville-tn-11-17-15/

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