Iranian Americans Inconvenienced with Travel Ban

As reported by Associated Press today, Iranian Americans state they have been affected by US President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban on refugees from seven countries including Iran. Many complaints stem from long waits at airports by citizens of the banned countries that also have legal residences in the US. Other complaints include green card applicants, those trying to immigrate, and others confused by the travel ban that wonder if they should “Anne Frank”, or in other words, hide other Iranians in their homes that are not US citizens.

Story by the AP found here:,-confused,-afraid-of-travel-ban


One thought on “Iranian Americans Inconvenienced with Travel Ban

  1. Iranian Americans Inconvenienced, well too bad. LOL!
    The one thing about Anne Frank, I could never figured out how she wrote in Ball Point Pen, when it wasn’t invented until after the war. My conclusion either Anne Frank invented the “Ball Point Pen” or it was hoax.

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