Malaysia to Issue Warrant for North Korean Ambassador

The Associated Press reports today that an arrest warrant could be issued for Hyon Kwang Song, a North Korean ambassador to Malaysia. Song is wanted for questioning in the death of the North Korean leader’s half brother. Kim Jong Nam was attacked at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on the 17th of this month by two females who allegedly wiped the now identified nerve agent VX on Nam’s face. VX is an amber colored liquid with a consistency much like baby oil. The nerve agent is tasteless and odorless and severely disrupts the nervous system. Nam died in the ambulance on his way from the airport to the hospital. Security footage shows two females approaching and rubbing the agent on Nam’s face. After the attack, the two females retreated to the restrooms to wash their hands. Antidotes such as atropine and pralidoxime are known to reduce the effects of VX. Although the scene of the attack was not restricted for passengers moving through the airport, Malaysian police’s chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear teams will sweep the area at 1:00pm on Sunday.


AP report found here:

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