Battle for Mosul Continues

In a report by the Associated Press today, Iraq’s Federal Police Commandos Division captured the Tayaran neighborhood in western Mosul. The early morning attack against the Islamic State (IS) produced fierce clashes according to Major General Haider al-Maturi and he went on to say that the neighborhood is, “under their full control”. He also stated that IS used at least 10 suicide car bombs but most were destroyed before they reached their targets. One suicide car bomb did reach the Iraqi forces killing two and wounding five policemen. West of Tayaran, Iraqi forces captured Mamun, another neighborhood of Mosul. Brigadier General Haider Fadhil of the special forces said that 15 car bombs were used in the fighting in Mamun and all were destroyed before inflicting any casualties. Fadhil stated that the neighborhood was fully liberated and they are, “clearing it up and beefing up fortifications.”

The Battle for Mosul began on October 16, 2016 with Iraqi forces attacking IS fighters around Mosul. Former US President Barack Obama stated a month prior to the attack that there were plans to capture Mosul from IS and that the city would fall before the end of 2016.

AP report found here:


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