Trump to Address Congress Tonight

As reported by the Associated Press today, US President Donald Trump is scheduled to address congress for the first time tonight at 9:00 pm EST (8:00 pm CST). The AP referred to President Trump as a “former reality TV star” and that there is a “potential for drama” during the president’s first address to congress. The AP also referred to the start of Trump’s presidency as “chaotic”, but did not further explain what this detail implies. Also mentioned in the report, congressional Democrats are expected to gauge how strongly they are to oppose President Trump in the House chamber where, “manners still matter”. There was no explanation given as to what the “manners still matter” means as it pertains either to President Trump or those attending in the House chamber. The AP report also referred to the supreme court justices as the “robed ones” and went on to say that if President Trump mentions how major news outlets have misreported on his campaign and presidency or talks about information leaks from the White House by staffers, that this would somehow “distract from his effort to show more discipline and focus.” Other notable statements in the AP report mentions that Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) does not plan on shaking the president’s hand and democrats plan on lining the galleries with immigrants and foreigners. Aside from the Democrat’s response from former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, there will be counter programming including a speech in Spanish from Astrid Silva who entered the US illegally when she was five.

AP report found here:


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