Reuters: US Carriers Vulnerable to Attack

Reuters news agency today reports that US carriers are vulnerable to attack. The report mentions a “combat exercise” in 2015 between US forces and France, a US ally. The report states that France was able to penetrate the carrier’s defenses. No details were given as to how the combat exercise was set up, and if the US carrier had the normal compliment of defensive submarines and submarine detecting aircraft. The report also went on to state that the Navy’s carrier based F-18 Hornet’s range “could render the planes useless in some conflicts.” The report stated the Hornet has “a range of only 400 nautical miles” and stated this was not sufficient to defend against Chinese Dong Feng missiles that have a range of 1,300 nautical miles. The report did not mention the other anti-missile defense systems the aircraft carrier battle groups employ or if aircraft were even the primary defense choices against missile attacks. The report made no mention of the Hornet’s range with external fuel tanks added or the performance capabilities of the larger, more powerful Super Hornet.

Reuters report found here:


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