AP Questions Credibility of Congress in Report

The Associated Press reports today that political divisions are increasing as the probe into Russia’s supposed interference with the 2016 US presidential elections moves forward. There was no reference in the report as to how the Russians interfered with the US elections. In the report, the AP asserts that questions are being raised as to whether the “lawmakers’ work will be viewed as credible.” The AP mentions that the investigation is Republican-lead but it was not clear how the investigation may not be viewed as credible. The report also said there were “escalating concerns” about the funding, focus and what was referred to as “bipartisan buy-in” to produce an acceptable investigation.

Congressional members interviewed seemed to only state what should be done in the investigation, such as bipartisan involvement. Additional statements by those interviewed with Congressional ties included: that there must be trust between parties, that they should work together, and whether future hearings should be closed or open to the public. It was not understood how these statements were construed as an increase in political divisions.

Also, on the point of funding, it was mentioned that $1.2 million was appropriated for what the AP termed as “the Russia investigation”, but the source spoke on condition of anonymity. Lastly, the report mentioned that the House intelligence committee’s request for additional funding has not yet been approved, but it was not clear if there were any dangers of additional funding not being granted.

AP report found here: https://www.apnews.com/ec3b126d4f364576bd26719174c90934/Credibility-of-Congress’-Russia-probes-still-in-question


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