Overall Sexual Assaults down at US Military Academies

The Associated Press reports today that sexual assaults are down overall at US military academies in the US. The AP report stated that the Air Force Academy reportedly dropped from 49 reported sexual assaults in 2015 to 32 last year. The overall number of reported sexual assaults at all academies dropped to 86 from 91 the previous year. No numbers were given for the other military academies mentioned in the report. The AP report went on to cite that the anonymous survey showed that 12 percent of women experienced “unwanted sexual contact” up from 8 percent two years ago. However, it went on to say that the vast majority of those claiming they had “unwanted sexual contact” did not report them because they did not feel it was serious enough. The report did not give examples as to what is defined as “unwanted sexual contact” or why students felt that it was not serious enough to report.

AP report found here: https://www.apnews.com/b1cc781c1d4f48c69815077e3b194247/APNewsBreak:-Sex-assault-reports-up-at-Navy,-Army-academies


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