Survey Claims Trump Illegitimate President

The Associated Press reports today that a survey conducted by the University of Chicago’s Black Youth Project with grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Ford Foundation states young Americans view US President Donald Trump as an illegitimate president. The respondents in the poll are grouped by race and conducted through the GenForward panel of the Black Youth Project with the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. The “about” section of the GenForward website shows that since their beginning 2005, their work “has been focused on amplifying the voices and perspectives of young people, especially young people of color, by asking them through surveys what they think about politics, the economy and their lives.” The survey used a sampling of 1,833 adults age 18-30 and was conducted on February 16th through March 6th.

The AP breakdown of the survey shows a stark contrast of those responding based on race. The report shows that of those polled, 53% of young white Americans viewed the president as legitimate, however, only 25% of African Americans, 36% of Asians, and 28% of Hispanics felt President Trump was legitimate. When that same group was asked if they approved or disapproved of President Trump’s job as president, only 22 percent showed they approved. Again, a noticeable disparity was among the races with whites approving the president’s job twice as much as Hispanics and Asians, and three times as much as African Americans.

The AP report quotes Representative John Lewis (D-GA) who stated earlier this year that he felt “Russians participated in helping” President Trump get elected and “helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.” Although no proof has been presented on this issue from any source, it was not clear if this statement directly resulted in the low legitimacy rating of President Trump. The report did not offer an explanation from those surveyed as to why they feel President Trump is not legitimate or if they completely understood or approved of the electoral process.

The report also referenced President Trump’s statements as a candidate in 2016 and as president such as: immigration, building a border wall, and a travel ban from war torn nations and those nations who sponsor terrorism. Even though the AP offered interviews of various individuals for and against President Trump, it was not understood if those factors directly contributed to the respondent’s choices surveyed by the GenForward Panel.

AP report found here:

GenForward Panel found here:


One thought on “Survey Claims Trump Illegitimate President

  1. Shame on you AP. Perhaps you are bought and paid for by the globalists as well as MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post. Maybe AP is just biased. But it is time to remind what was once a respected news agency to clean up your act. AP your bias is showing and leaning towards propaganda. The public is aware that your polls are biased and badly conducted to get the results that your article or agency wants. News reporters should be taking the time to look at the data and information from all angles and follow it where it leads regardless of their bias or politics. But instead they pick and choose data and stories and bits of stories to skew the story the way they want it to go. Any intelligent person knows that good science and knowledge is based on how good your research is. If you use sloppy data that is picked and chosen to back your theories and ideas you are guilty of fake news and sloppy debate and commentary.


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