Belgium Looks to Moroccans for Police Force

In a report by Reuters news agency today Brussels, Belgium is looking to diversify their police and security forces in Muslim communities. The report states experts say it is crucial to diversify the police force in areas like Molenbeek that has a large community of Arab speaking people of Moroccan decent. Molenbeek is where a suspect lived who killed 130 people on November 13, 2015 in the Paris, France terrorist attacks. A separate attack on March 22, 2015  killed 32 people in Brussels. The report went on to state that Molenbeek’s police struggle with surveillance of the Muslim communities, but then reported the “mostly white force is viewed with suspicion by a largely immigrant population wary of being labeled as potential terrorists.” It was not clear from that statement if the report was referring to Arab Moroccans, another group of Muslims from Africa, or attempting to differentiate between those of European decent and others. 

Reuters report found here:


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