Democrats Call for Nunes to Recuse from Investigation

A report today from the Associated Press shows that Democrats in the US House of Representatives and Senate continue to attack the credibility of Representative Devin Nunes (R-Ca) with calls for him to recuse himself from the Russian investigation. According to the report,  Democrats’ latest call hinges around his review of intelligence reports and meeting a “secret source” on White House grounds. It was not clear from the report whether or not it was unprecedented for a member of the intelligence committee to review the reports or if they would be in the wrong for doing so. Also, it was not understood who the “secret source” is or what was discussed and why that would lead to Democrats calling for Representative Nunes to recuse himself.

Democrats state they do not feel Representative Nunes can credibly investigate the president’s campaign associates and what they have called Russian meddling in the US presidential election of 2016.

In response to Democrats’ call for him to remove himself from the investigation, Representative Nunes said simply, “Why would I?” He went on to state, “It’s the same thing as always around this place; a lot of politics, people get heated, but I’m not going to involve myself with that.”

AP report found here:’t-leave-Russia-probe;-Ryan-says-no-need-to


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