Imam Plaintiff against Travel Ban has Muslim Brotherhood Ties

As reported by World Net Daily, a Hawaiian imam with Muslim Brotherhood ties is the main plaintiff in the lawsuit against US President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban. Stating he is suffering “irreparable harm” from the 90 day travel ban on countries that sponsor terrorism or are actively in a conflict such as war, 39 year old Ismail Elshikh is the leader of the largest mosque in Hawaii. Elshikh’s mosque, the Muslim Association of Hawaii, is linked to the North American Islamic Trust which holds the deeds to the property. The report states a counter terrorism specialist confirmed the North American Islamic Trust is a Muslim Brotherhood organization.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been criticized by Shia and Sunni Muslim leaders worldwide charging it with terrorism as previously reported by Fox News. According to their report, countries such as Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Russia have called the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Egypt has sentenced hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood members to death and has imprisoned thousands more.

World Net Daily story here:

Fox story here:


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