Conflicting Reports on Syrian Gas Attack

In a report issued by Reuters news agency, Russia denied that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used poison gas in an attack on Tuesday that killed scores of civilians, many of them children, in Idlib, Syria. Moscow stated that the poison gas was owned by Syrian rebels and was dispersed when Syrian aircraft dropped their bombs on the site. The report states that unnamed “U.S. intelligence officials think” sarin nerve gas was dropped by the Syrian aircraft. The report goes on to state the symptoms experienced by the victims are consistent with exposure to poison gas.

A commander of a Syrian rebel group, stated the Russian statement was a lie and said, “Everyone saw the plane while it was bombing with gas. Likewise, all the civilians in the area know that there are no military positions there, or places for the manufacture (of weapons).” It was not understood from the report how the rebel commander knew whether or not the bombs hit a stockpile of poison gas or if the bombs themselves contained poisonous gas. It was also not clear if the stockpile of poisonous gas could have existed without the rebels actually manufacturing them.

Reuters report found here:


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