Christians Attacked in Australia

The Daily Telegraph reports that Christians in Australia are finding it harder to express their religious beliefs. As the number of attacks increase against Christians worldwide, a reverend went so far as to advise against wearing Christian symbols. Last Tuesday was the latest example of intolerance when a 30 year old Christian was attacked on a train. As the traveler was talking on his cell phone, four young men of Middle Eastern appearance tore a crucifix off his neck and stomped on it while saying, “F*** Jesus” and mentioned, “Allah”.

The victim of the attack said they punched and kicked him in the face, back, and shoulders. When his girlfriend tried to intervene, two Arabic speaking women hit and kicked her. Although the victims suffered minor physical injuries, the crucifix, given to the traveler by his mother, was bent and the chain broken. Five uniformed railway officers witnessing the event did nothing to help him or his girlfriend.

Daily Telegraph report found here:


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