Black Muslims Struggle to Find Unity in US

The Associated Press reports today that black Muslims in the United States are being “pushed to the edges of conversations” even within their own Muslim communities. In an interview with a black Muslim that was born in the US to Sudanese parents, the individual said her family used to attend a largely African American mosque but then moved to a predominantly Arab one. In both cases [they] still felt like “outsiders.” It was not clear from the report why they felt like outsiders.

The report referred to what they called “identity issues” that have moved into social media. Examples given included a Twitter hash tag #BeingBlackAndMuslim and @BlkMuslimWisdom. The report states they were created to present stories of black Muslims to “praise Mahershala Ali, who is black and became the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar, or to express concern over the lack of black speakers at a recent Islamic conference.”

The report went on to say “tensions are also being aired at community town halls, with panelists questioning why there hasn’t been more involvement from Arab and South Asian Muslims in Black Lives Matter events.” It was not understood from the report why specific groups of non-black Muslims would support Black Lives Matter or even why they may be reluctant to do so.

AP report found here.

Picture from Daily Star UK found here.


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