AP Puzzled about Trump

The Associated Press reports today that is puzzled about claims made by US President Donald Trump about Andrew Jackson and the US Civil War. However, the AP report itself is puzzling. Also, the report concludes with a misunderstanding about modern human trafficking.

The AP report mentions an interview President Trump had with The Washington Examiner where he suggested that if former US President Andrew Jackson had been president in the 1860s, “you wouldn’t have had the Civil War. He was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War. There’s no reason for this.” The AP report insinuated that President Trump did not have a handle on when President Jackson died and when the Civil War began.

The AP report in it’s conclusion stated that President Trump said last week that human trafficking is “a problem that’s probably worse than any time in the history of this world.” The AP report then mentioned that it was, “a claim that seemed to omit the African slave trade.” According to the Polaris Project on human trafficking, the are 20 million people affected today. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade database shows 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the New World of which 388,000 were sent to North America.

AP report found here.

Polaris Project found here.

Trans-Atlantic Database referenced here.

One thought on “AP Puzzled about Trump

  1. Why does current media keep implying and often stating that the African Slave trade in the US was the largest and only slavery in history? The current main steam media has self appointed themselves the gate keepers to knowledge. These glorified intellectuals that are too arrogant to do their own research, fall under the category of the “know it alls”. They don’t need to listen or even learn anything new. They believe already know it all. Just like our current “dead wood” pseudo- intellectuals serving as our university academics they spew forth old or inaccurate information. They all need to do some research instead of relying on knowledge they learned in the past.
    The Romans had millions of slaves, in fact so many that the “blue collar” population was without work and very poor. The Greeks had slaves. In fact, most of the world had slaves. The American Indians had slaves. The Africans had slaves.The Chinese and the rest of the East had slaves. India had slaves. Europe had slaves. During the Civil War Era there were many slaves that were trafficked to the middle east and in fact the middle east still has slaves. When the US was a young country the white ” indentured” people were in fact much cheaper than black slaves and were often held long beyond their indenture and were treated as slaves. Millions of europeans were taken as slaves to the Arab occupied countries during the middle ages.
    To make the hypocrisy worse the current media ignores and/or covers up the current world wide human and child sex trafficking. The media are like the proverbial ostrich as they shove their heads in the sand. Are they just ignorant and closing their eyes to potential corruption of their preferred leaders or do you they actually cover this horrendous practice up for their puppet masters?
    Child/human sex trafficking is here and it is real. I understand now why the MSM hate Trump so much. He is one of the leaders that are exposing this corruption. Are they are so horrified that this child/sex slavery exits and try to ignore it? If so, they would hate Trump or anyone that reminds them that it really exists. Or do they do know and cover it up. If they are covering it up then anyone reporting or talking about it threatens them. This is perhaps the worst propaganda media in history. They cloak themselves in honour and then stab the people of their country and the world in the back with their lies and gossip. No wonder they are the most mistrusted news agencies in the world.

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