Will US Workers Wash Dishes, Cook, or do Housekeeping?

The Associated Press reports today that innkeepers, restaurateurs and landscapers around the US are struggling to find workers and are turning down business. They state the reason is because the government is now enforcing the law and limiting the number of H-2B visas issued to 66,000. The report states that resorts need foreigners to work as housekeepers, cooks, and dishwashers and say they can not find enough Americans willing to take such jobs. It was not clear from the report why the resorts feel they can not find enough American workers.

At an inn in Maine, the owner reportedly states she cut back on the number of rooms available during New England’s spring vacation week. She said due to her request for visas not being granted, she was short eight housekeepers, who are paid $10 to $12.50 an hour. Each visa typically costs at least $1,000 in government fees, travel and other expenses, paid by employers. It was not understood why the employer could not find an American worker and pay for their travel expenses to Maine.

AP report found here.

Featured photograph by Akeena.


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