US-Led Coalition Denies Attacking Syrian Town

Reuters news agency reports today that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 42 people, 11 whom were children, died on Monday when jets belonging to the US-led coalition bombed the town of Al-Bukamal in Syria. The report states the strike hit near a residential area and a mosque. Dozens more were injured in the attack. According to the report, US Army spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillon informed Reuters that “coalition warplanes on Sunday and Monday did not hit the town, targeting only oil production facilities run by the militants more than 50 kms outside of it.”

Accusations and denials regarding attacks are not unique in the Syrian conflict. An early April attack in Idlib, Syria where a nerve gas was supposedly released was blamed on Syrian government aircraft. Both the Syrian government and Russia denied that Syria’s aircraft attacked the town using nerve gas weaponry, however, Syrian rebel groups vehemently maintained the charge. It was not clear from the report why such extreme discrepancies continue to exist between accounts.

Reuters report found here.


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