Egyptian Christians Displaced

As reported by the Algemeiner and picked up by Breitbart News Network, in an atmosphere of growing concerns of the Islamic State terror group’s targeting of Christians in Egypt, displaced Coptic Christians in the country’s northern Sinai claim the Egyptian government is ignoring their increasingly dangerous situation. Despite the government’s initial expression of concern for the their well being, Coptic Christian families have been displaced and moved into camps and aid buildings. According to the report, the Christian families without jobs are only receiving support from the church.

During the 2011 uprising against then President Hosni Mubarak, unity among Egypt’s Muslims and Christians had proven to be only transitory. After Mubarak’s downfall, the volatile political situation exacerbated the suffering of the Christian minority. Violence peaked in the days following the Egyptian military’s dispersion of two pro-Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Cairo on August 14, 2011. More than 40 Christian churches and many more Christian houses and shops were set on fire.

Wide spread expulsions, child abductions, rapes, drive by shootings, murders and numerous other crimes have been perpetrated against the Christians. The government’s inaction to allow these horrendous acts to occur denies the Christians the protection owed to them as a human right.  There has been a long-standing tradition of judicial bias against the Coptic Christians that their antagonists enjoy.

Algemeiner report found here.

Background information by Egyptian Streets found here.


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