NOLA Continues Assault on History

Breitbart News Network reports today that the city of New Orleans, Louisiana has removed a monument dedicated in 1884 to Robert E. Lee. Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration is also responsible for the removal of other monuments dedicated to the Battle at Liberty Place, Jefferson Davis, and P.G.T. Beauregard. According to the report, Landrieu deemed the monuments “symbols of white supremacy.” Also, Take ‘Em Down Nola and STAND With Dignity, two left-wing BlackLivesMatter-aligned organizations lobbied Landrieu to go further. They are calling for the removal of more than a dozen monuments and street names listed below:

  • Andrew Jackson monument in the French Quarter
  • Charles Didier Dreux monument in Mid City
  • Abram Joseph Ryan monument in Mid City
  • Albert Pike monument in Mid City
  • Palmer Park in the Carrollton neighborhood
  • Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in Central City
  • Washington Artillery Park in the French Quarter
  • D. White monument in the French Quarter
  • Confederate Memorial Hall in the Central Business District (CBD)
  • Confederate flag etching on City Hall in the CBD
  • Robert E. Lee Boulevard
  • Walker Street
  • Mouton Street
  • Lane Street
  • Bragg Street
  • Polk Street
  • Forshey Street
  • General Ogden Street
  • Calhoun Street
  • Palmer Avenue
  • Taylor Street
  • Nichols Street
  • Meyer Avenue
  • Slidell Street
  • Beauregard Drive
  • Lee Street

Breitbart report found here.


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