US Ranked 114th Peaceful Nation

The Washington Times reports today that according to the 11th annual “Global Peace Index,” which bases judgement calls on a complex gauge of social, economic and political factors, including rates of homicide and terrorism activities, the US is now at No. 114, falling 11 places in the last year. The report states Iceland remains the most peaceful country in the world, a position it has held since 2008. It is joined at the top of the index by New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, and Denmark. Syria remains the least peaceful country in the world, followed by Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, and Yemen.

Analysts state the US deterioration is primarily driven by the growing intensity of internal conflict within the country, which was partly seen in the divisive 2016 Presidential election, as well as increases in the perceptions of criminality across American society. The analysts cited the impact of “rising homicide rates in several major American cities” and several terrorist attacks on American soil.

Washington Times report found here.


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