Finns Party Picks Anti-Immigration Leader

As reported by Reuters news agency, Finland’s Finns party picked an anti-immigration leader that threatens to break up the coalition government. At a Finns party congress, 56 percent of its members voted in favor of European Parliament member Jussi Halla-aho, who also wants Finland to leave the European Union. Halla-aho was fined by Finland’s Supreme Court in 2012 for comments on a blog that linked Islam to pedophilia and Somalis to theft.

According to the report, Halla-aho has said he would push the three-party coalition to tighten immigration policies, and that he would not stick to the three-party government at any cost. Speaking to reporters after his election, Halla-aho said, “We must be more aggressive in raising the topics that distinguish us from other parties… it is important to push our priorities forward more vigorously within the government program.” Finland is recovering from a decade of stagnation and the decline of Nokia’s former phone business. The current government has attempted to boost economic growth and curb public debt by reducing spending and reforming labor laws.

Reuters report found here.


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