St. Louis Removing Confederate Memorial

In a story echoing events in New Orleans, the city of St. Louis, in Missouri is removing a 100+ year old Civil War Confederate Memorial. The statue has stood in its present location since 1914 and was paid for by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Bill Hannegan, who lives across the street from Forest Park, believes the memorial should remain where it is. He said he was shocked when he walked out of his house Wednesday morning to go to work and saw the fencing going up. Hannegan said, “This feels very authoritarian – in that, nobody’s been consulted. I mean, I don’t know where it’s going, I didn’t know until this morning that money was available to move this. It seems like the public, including the people who live right there, aren’t being told what’s going on.”

Alderwoman Sharon Tyus is sponsoring a bill that would require St. Louis to remove any Confederate monuments or flags from city parks, prohibit new ones from being put up in the future and rename Confederate Drive for ragtime pianist Scott Joplin. Work began Thursday morning in Forest Park to take down the controversial Confederate Memorial. Crews have now removed the top of the statue. According to local channel KMOV, the monument should be completely gone by next weekend. The Missouri Civil War Museum is urging people to help save the monument by raising the $130,000 it needs to take the monument from the city. The link for donations from the KMOV website leads to a 404 webpage error. The city said once it’s down it will likely go into storage.

KMOV report found here.

STL Public Radio report found here.


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