Masked With Weapons, Antifa Beats Marcher

The Gateway Pundit reports that a Seattle, Washington participant in the nationwide March Against Sharia Law was attacked yesterday by masked Antifa members. Antifa, which their members say stand for anti-fascist, appeared to be in support of Sharia Law also called Islamic Law. A video of the incident begins with a man walking down a crowded sidewalk wearing a black shirt and red hat followed by another man holding an upside down “We Stand With Our Muslim Neighbors” sign. The footage pans to another man wearing a black shirt with gold trim who is being sprayed with what looks like silly string. Punches are thrown and the man in the black shirt with gold trim begins to pull a black hat off the head of another man wearing the trade mark black hoodie of an Antifa member.

The recording continues and shows another man in a black hoodie with “Latino Hardcore Fury” written on the back pulled tight over his head throwing an unknown substance at the man in the black shirt with gold trim who is now receiving blows from a number of other individuals. One person holding an unusually thick and rigid “Queers for Muslims” sign began beating the man with the black shirt and gold trim on his back with the edges and corners of the sign while another man continued to punch him in the head. The man with the now ripped and tattered black shirt and gold trim stays on his feet and breaks away from the group holding his head in pain. He is then pursued by others, many with their faces covered in masks. One man can be seen holding a sign saying, “Pro-Islam, Anti-Fascism”.

Gateway Pundit report found here.


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