Merkel Trashes Walls While Girls Get Molested in German Pools

Breitbart News Network reports today that as German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Mexico and speaks unfavorably about border walls, Syrian asylum seekers have been arrested in a German town for filming and molesting underage girls. Speaking at a meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and business leaders, Chancellor Merkel said, “Obviously the main reason for people leaving must be addressed on site first, which means putting up walls and cutting oneself off will not solve the problem. It’s an issue you can study well in the history of China with the (Great) Wall of China, you can study it in the history of the Roman Empire. Essentially, only when great empires have managed to forge sensible relationships with their neighbors and to manage migration has it been a success.” It was not clear from Chancellor Merkel’s speech which great empires she was referring to who may have forged sensible relationships with their neighbors and managed migration. It was also not understood what kind of migration management she was referring to.

Meanwhile, in another Breitbart News Network report, Syrian asylum seekers were arrested by police in the German town of Lobau after they filmed and molested underage girls at a swimming pool. The men, aged 31 and 27, are said to have filmed several underage girls at the facility against their permission and then tried to sexually touch them in the swimming pool. Police say the 31-year-old migrant was filming the girls whilst his 27-year-old fellow countryman was the one who molested several children in the pool itself. Two other asylum seekers are being held in connection with the arrests.

Breitbart reports found here and here.


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