The Changing Face of Utica, NY

World Net Daily reports today that the City of Utica, NY is undergoing many changes due to a flood of Muslim refugees. Blogger, Loretta the Prole, wrote a piece called “My Hometown is Gone” in response to the recent increase in refugee numbers and was designed to “convey what it is like living in an Islamizing [sic] area.” According to the blog, Loretta states more than 25 percent of her community are refugees.

The first thing Loretta noticed was that under increasing Islamization during the Obama era was the conversion of an old Methodist church into a mosque. She also noticed Muslim immigrants were increasingly put in local positions of bureaucratic power. Loretta also summarized how her application for assistance was rejected numerous times when her husband lost his job even though her family of 6 qualified. According to the blog, the reason for the delay was that the Department of Social Services in her area was swamped because of the refugees. She also said virtually all of the refugees are on welfare and the refugees go through their refugee resettlement agency who deals with the Department of Social Services for them.

In response to the article, Loretta has received harassing messages and even death threats from Muslims and non-Muslims alike, leading her to call the police, but she refuses to back down. In an interview with WND, Pamela Geller, editor-in-chief of the Geller Report and president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, said President Donald Trump “has tried to stop this from happening but has been repeatedly blocked by leftist activist courts that are bent on globalization, the destruction of borders, and the destruction of the nation-state.”

WND report found here.


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