Philippines’ Top Cop Fires Back at Reuters

Reuters news agency reports today that Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald dela Rosa appeared irritated by reporter’s questions about a Reuters investigation, published on Thursday, that accused police officers in the Philippines of a pattern of police sending corpses of drug suspects to hospitals to destroy crime scene evidence and hide executions. President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign has been condemned by human rights groups and alarmed Western countries due to the high death toll and allegations of systematic extrajudicial killings and cover-ups by police. The PNP rejects those allegations.

During a television interview marking the anniversary of President Duterte’s election, Chief dela Rosa said, “PNP is damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Reuters really is looking for faults in us. We have to stand by our police operational procedure that in case of an encounter, if a person is not yet declared dead by the physician, you need to bring him to the hospital.” Chief dela Rosa continued by saying, “Who are the policemen to say they are dead? They are not medical practitioners. If we did not bring them to the hospitals, the relatives might sue us.”

A spokeswoman for Reuters said the news agency stood by its reporting.

Reuters report found here.


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