Russian Bombers Strike Islamic State Targets

As reported by RT, cold war era Russian strategic bombers have conducted strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria using modern Kh-101 strategic cruise missiles. Several weapon stockpiles and a terrorist command center were destroyed in the strike. Russian Air Force Tu-95MS strategic bombers, which entered service in 1956, have conducted strikes on Islamic State positions near the border of Syrian Hama and Homs provinces on Wednesday.

According to the report, Russian Kh-101 airborne strategic missiles were used in the strike. While the effective range of the missiles is up to 2800 miles (4,500km), the strikes were conducted from a range of around 600 miles (1,000km). Missiles of this type can be fitted with nuclear warheads, after which they receive the Kh-102 designation.

Escorted by Su-30SM fighter aircraft based at the Khmeimim Air Base in Syria, the Tu-95MS bombers took off from an airbase near the southern Russian city of Engels and made their way to Syria after airborne refueling.

RT report found here.


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