Mizzou Enrollment down 35%

Breitbart News Network reports today that Freshman enrollment at the University of Missouri is down 35 percent since the protests that centered on student complaints about supposed inaction from campus police with regards to acts of racial bigotry. According to the report, the University acknowledges that the 2015 protests are the “main reason” for the drop in enrollment. Administrators believe that most families now consider the institution to either be a breeding ground for unchecked bigotry or a playground for student protesters to run amok.

The student movement behind the protests, Concerned Student 1950, set up a tent city on campus in late 2015. Then University of Missouri Journalism Professor Melissa Click was filmed calling for “muscle” to remove a student journalist who was documenting the protest efforts. The protests led to the resignation of the university’s president, Tim Wolfe.

Addressing the low enrollment numbers, Mun Choi, the new University of Missouri system president said, “The general consensus was that it was because of the aftermath of what happened in November 2015. There were students from both in state and out of state that just did not apply, or those who did apply but decided not to attend.”

The New York Times report claims that the protests that took place at the University of Missouri likely served as an inspiration for protest efforts at other institutions, such as Middlebury College, UC Berkeley, and Evergreen State College.

Breitbart report found here.


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