After Islamic State, U.S. and Coalition Forces to Remain in Iraq

RT reports today that the U.S. and coalition forces may stay in Iraq after the Islamic State terrorist group is defeated. During a video conference, U.S. Army Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, the coalition commander in Iraq said, “The Iraqi government has expressed an interest in having the US forces and coalition forces remain after the defeat of ISIS (Islamic State). Our government is equally interested in that.”

Speaking over the video link from Baghdad, Lieutenant General Townsend added, “So this fight is far from over. So I wouldn’t expect to see any significant change in our troop levels in the immediate future, because there’s still hard work to be done. All of us can look back to the end of 2011 when the US and coalition forces left Iraq the last time, and saw what played out in the intervening three years. I don’t think we want to replay that.”

RT report found here.


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