UK Releases Only Partial Report of Extremism Funding

As reported by One America News Network, the British government said on Wednesday it would not publish in full its report on the sources of funding of Islamist extremism in Britain. The report, commissioned in November 2015 by then-Prime Minister David Cameron, was handed to the government last year and ministers have been under pressure to release its findings following three deadly attacks in Britain since March which have been blamed on Islamist militants. Home Secretary (interior minister) Amber Rudd said that though some extremist Islamist organizations were receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds, she had decided against publishing the review in full. In a written statement to parliament she also said, “This is because of the volume of personal information it contains and for national security reasons.”

Rudd added the review found that the most common source of support for these organizations was from small, anonymous donations from people based in Britain itself. However, it also found overseas funding was a significant source of income for some organizations. Critics were quick to see a cover-up to shield Saudi Arabia, a powerful Gulf ally of Britain and the world’s biggest oil exporter. The Home Office stated in response that the diplomatic relations played no part in the decision not to publish the full report.

One America report found here.


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