World War II Vet Attacked at Home Defending Flag

Breitbart News Network reports today that a World War II veteran suffered an injury while defending his home’s American flag from assailants who pushed him to the ground. Howard Banks heard a noise outside his home and went out to investigate. Although legally blind, Mr. Banks observed with his limited vision someone taking down the American flag flying outside his Kaufman, Texas home. The incident occurred on July 11, shortly before his 92nd birthday.

Because of prior acts of vandalism, Mr. Banks decided to defend his flag. Previous vandals shredded his American and Marine Corps colors. Speaking to a CBS affiliate, Mr. Banks said, “They could see me. I couldn’t see them. I turned and looked in the other direction, and about then – ‘wham!’ They knocked me down.” The attacker quickly fled as neighbors came to his aid. His efforts thwarted the attack on his flag, but a “God Bless All Police” sign had been thrown to the ground.

“It’s the one thing I can cling to. Yet at my capacity, there’s not much I can do. But I can honor our flag,” he told the reporter.

Breitbart report found here.


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