Islamic State Deploying Large Reinforcements

As reported by South Front, the Islamic State has deployed large reinforcements, including experienced infantry and “technicals”, from the terrorist group’s strong points in the eastern Salamiyah countryside in order to retake the strategic town of Sukhna from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies. According to reports, a notable Islamic State force is still shelling government forces from the high ground north of Sukhna. Meanwhile, a high number of improvised explosive devices and a threat of suicide bombing attacks prevent government forces from advancing in the Sukhna countryside.

On Monday, the SAA repelled the Islamic State attacks and sporadic clashes continued on Tuesday. If the Islamic State is able to deploy enough reinforcements and to re-group before the SAA captures the town and the nearby hills, the terrorists will likely have a chance to take Sukhna back. According to pro-government sources, the Islamic State lost up to 40 members in the clashes for Sukhna.

South Front report found here.


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